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Calm Water Treatment and Engineering is a pumping and water treatment organisation located in Queensland. We have the capabilities and expertise to provide our customers with purpose engineered solutions.
We operate in the mining, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic industries. As part of the Calm Water Engineering and Water Treatment Services, we service customers throughout Queensland.

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Quality work through dedication

We have been supplying various industries with a range of solutions, providing safe and efficient operation, ensuring greater productivity and market advantage.

We also have a strong focus on commercial and industrial water treatment, specialising in potable, sewerage treatment and high purity water treatment. We can supply, install, service and maintain water treatment equipment as well as pumps, pumping systems and pumping equipment for most applications including mining, refining, agriculture, healthcare, domestic, and general industry. We also service car wash, laundry services, pool maintenance and hotel water services.

Our team includes specialists in aspects of pumping and water treatment, including system design. We have a team that provides service support, in-house or infield repairs and installation capabilities.


Mission and Strategic Focus

Our Engineers and Technicians are focused on our strategic goals over the next five years which are to:

  • Keep services at current levels of affordability
  • Increase the resilience and reliability of our Calm Water Engineering and Water treatment services
  • Secure and conserve water resources, anticipate and invest for growth in our region, improve the environment
  • Mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and to improve our efficiency and flexibility.

Residential Services

Water filters that are currently available to domestic consumers include;

Polypropylene and ceramic
Activated carbon
Reverse osmosis and distiller.

We also provide the most sophisticated systems such as reverse osmosis and distiller filters.

Commercial Services

We look after businesses such as, coffee shops, hydroponics, restaurants, food service, breweries, hotels, motels, farms, ranches, car washes, window cleaning companies, aquariums, and solar panel cleaners.

They all rely on high volume, filtered water systems

Industrial Services

From filtration Systems that effectively treats local source water to electrodialysis reversal that desalinates brackish water, we can supply and fit equipment and chemical solutions necessary to enable you to discharge safe, treated water, and discover new reuse opportunities.



Installation and Maintenance

We provide onsite installation and maintenance capabilities

We install Air operated Equipment


Pumps Services

We service and provide different pumps such as;

Vacuum pumps.
Sump pumps (column and submersible).
Air operated diaphragm pumps.
Submersible, centrifugal positive displacement pumps.
Main pump stations.


Filtration Systems

We have a wide range of high quality water filtration systems, water filters and filtration components including leading water filtration solutions such as reverse osmosis water filters and ultraviolet sanitation.


Disinfection and Dosing systems

We offer SMART digital dosing systems to meet the needs of an extensive number of applications.

Each features variable-speed stepper motors, universal power supplies and a full PTFE diaphragm for optimal chemical resistance and durability


Membrane, Resin, Media Treatment Equipment.

We take a holistic approach towards our treatment equipment and understanding of the role of your membrane installation in your operation. 

We combine this insight with our extensive experience knowledge and expertise in both industrial and Commercial water treatment to deliver best service.



Filters and cartridges
Poly pipe and fittings
Control valves
Water Testing Kits and Services


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